Yokosuka International Ballet Competition
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A message from the Organizer
  Sergiy SavoschenkoNPO Sergiy Savoschenko Ballet Art group
Chief director Sergiy Savoschenko

Greetings friends and ballet enthusiasts,

It has been my dream for a long time to hold a ballet competition in Japan. Now that dream has come true.

Japan was a strange and mysterious land to me, when I first came here many years ago. I have met many people who love learning ballet. As I danced together with these people we could share the wonderful feeling that only comes from ballet. I have been impressed by how these people put their heart and soul into dancing ballet. I felt moved to help the people of Japan, albeit with my limited power.
To start with, I am proud and privileged to be able to give to you the Yokosuka International Ballet Competition.

"It's not if you win or lose that's important but how you play".
Deciding to join a competition will give you something to aim for and help build your confidence and will help you grow as a person too.
It is true that most of the world's best dancers participated in competitions and thus developed themselves and this helped to make the world of ballet a brighter and more beautiful place.

I hope you will use the Yokosuka International Ballet competition, like they did, to better yourself and the world of ballet.
Sergiy SavoschenkoI wish you nothing but shinning brilliance.
I'm looking forward to seeing your performance.

For the future stars, I respect you.

NPO Sergiy Savoschenko Ballet Art group

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