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Guidelines for applicants
  Sergiy Savoschenko Ballet Art Group is a nonprofit organization created
with a mission to provide world class ballet educational opportunities to all dancers.

We aim to develop ballet culture not only in Japan
but all over the world with our own global world network.

Classical Ballet Junior A 10-13 years old Male and Female
  Junior B 14-17 years old Male and Female
  Senior 18-30 years old Male and Femal
Contemporary 10-30 years old Male and Female

* A participant's age is determined by their age as of the competition date, August 1st, 2012. * In the classical ballet category, male and female dancers will be judged separately.
* In the contemporary category, depending on the number of participants, male and female dancers may be judged together.
Elimination and Final dates

wed. 1st. AUGUST
Junior A Workshop
Bar examination (The only finalists)

thu. 2nd. AUGUST
Junior B Workshop
Senior Workshop

fri. 3rd. AUGUST
Junior B
Classical Ballet
Prize giving ceremony
Bar examination
Bar examination

The schedule and content , may be subject to change.
Rules and Regulations
Classical Ballet Category
* Competitors must prepare their own musical material.
One classical variation piece for elimination should be recorded on 2 MD disks (one for the spare)
One classical variation piece for the final should be recorded on 2 MD disks (one for the spare)
* The time limit for music is 2min. Longer than 2min will result in disqualification ・There is no time limit for the final piece
* Competitors must wear makeup and a costume. Female dancers must wear point shoes.
* The result of the elimination round will be placed in the lobby of the hall and also on this home page.
* Dancers who passed the elimination round , must pay the fee for the final on the finals day, at the Hall
* All the finalists will receive a prize at the end of their performance. The prize will be given off stage.

Contemporary Category
* Contemporary dancers must not wear point shoes and no classical ballet styled choreography in this competition..
* Competitors should prepare 2 MDs (one for spare)。
* Time is limited to 2min30sec including silence. Longer than 2min 30sec will result in disqualification.

All Categories

* We deny any liability for the copyright of your music and program.
* MDs need to have written on them; entry number, dancer's name and title.  ・
* Music needs to start at the very beginning  ・On the day、hand in the MD at the counter、and buy a program(500yen).
*If you need music to start with a particularly movement, your teacher needs to be stand by the music operator and tell them when to start the music.
*Please collect your MD directly after your performance at the side of the stage.
*The is no reverence on stage after performance.
*No group performances. (Solo only)
*Competitors can practice on stage during certain times, teachers need either ballet shoes or slippers, if they wish to go on stage.
*Those wishing stage photos and a DVD recording of the performance please apply on the day before your performance. Orders can ONLY be taken before the performance.
Application Fees
Classical ballet Category Elimination 20,000yen / Final 10,000yen
Contemporary Category Final 20,000yen
* Fees will not be returned under any condition.

Individual results(by request only) 2,000yen
* Individual results will include your elimination round score and final score from each judge (without the judges name) and your final place. If you would like your individual results please include the fee along with your application fee.

Workshop fee (for classical ballet category and those who wish to take it) 3,500yen
* numbers are limited 、places will be given on a "first come, first served" basis.
Application period
sun 1st Apri - sat 30th June 2012
Applications will end as soon as the maximum number of places has been filled.
How to apply
Please fill out an application form and send us by FAX.(+81-3-6677-1099)
or fill out the form on the home page.

* Applicants who want to apply for the classic ballet category and contemporary category Should fill out 2 forms.
* After application , we will contact you within 1 week.
* Your pass along with your entry number and timetable will be sent during the middle of July,
* Please inform us immediately if you have not received your pass, entry number and timetable by the end of July.


Each Category up to 5th place
1st testimonial、medal   
2nd testimonial、medal   
3rd testimonial、medal   
4th testimonial   
5th testimonial

Special awards
Head Judge Special Award
Each sponsor award ...etc

Participation prize
A souvenir will be given to every peformer, Please receive it off stage after your performance

Finalist Special Award
For all the finalists in the classical ballet category Given after the final award ceremony, please receive it off stage.

Good Teacher Award
Given to the teacher of the 1st place dancer in all categories.

Hungarian Dance Academy
- Exemption of the tuition for first year. / Exemption of the half tuition for first year.
National Conservatory Dance School Lisbon
- Exemption of the tuition for first year.
Goh Ballet Academy
- Exemption of the tuition for first year.

Scholarship, Partner schools and Groups
Hungarian Dance Academy
National Conservatory Dance School Lisbon
Goh Ballet Academy

The schedule and content , may be subject to change.

NPO Sergiy Savoschenko Ballet Art group

Office * 2-10-3-5F, Komagome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0021 JAPAN
E-mail * info@npo-ssbag.com

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